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Dear Friend,

This mail should come to you as a surprise, but notto worry as I shall explain the reason of my writing, but for claritysake, I am Mohammed Abacha, the Son to the former Head of State of Nigeria, Late General Sani Abacha.
Let me start by saying that I didn t just pick on you, but had found your personal details in my search for a trust worthy and reliable foriegn associate who will cooperation and assist my familyto safe guard the sum of US$26.5m which their our late father had kept with security company as family treasure. All things being equal, I shouldn t have contacted you, but for the fact that this present Government is bent on confiscating all sums of money in account abroad which belonged to my farmily, has made it unavoidable.

To this end, the entire Abacha family has mandated me to contact and arrangewith you, so that you can front for the family in the process of claiming the money from thesecurity company. The reason being that we want a fullproof arrangement with a foreign associate who cannot be easily traced, so as to blind the Government and create a diversion from the family.

In the event that your conscience shall not betray the family to this present Government and your conviction to assist, the family shall part with 5% of the total sum for all your troubles. I shall also throw more light as  I await your response.I have attached some WEB SITES as a prove of reality of the plight of my family.

Mohammed Abacha


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