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Re: dell install problems

im trying to use bf24 or the 2.2 kernel on the disc

On 11 Aug 2003, Martin List-Petersen wrote:

> On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 20:37, Kit Stube wrote:
> > Hi, i am trying to help a friend install debian on his dell inspiron 8000
> > laptop and the machiene will hard lock when trying to format the partition
> > (or create them)
> > 
> > i've installed debian on a few dozen computers before and 3.0r1 has always
> > worked for me in the past (usually this exact disc) so i am uncertian as
> > to what to do.  it seems like (on linuxlaptops.net at least) that
> > installing linux on one of these is fairly straitforward (and since it
> > currently has redhat on it i know it can be done) so does anyone have any
> > thoughts as to what is going on here that would cause this hard lock?
> > 
> > thanks for your time
> Sounds weird .. what kernel are you booting from ?
> Regards, 
> Martin List-Petersen 
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