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Re: ACPI and anacron

On Sunday 10 August 2003 05:06, Carsten wrote:
> Btw, although the comment in /etc/init.d/anacron says so not only apm is
> checked but also acpi and pmu.

note however that there is some missing functionality in the anacron package 

On an apm enabled system, when a wake event occurs apm runs the scripts in 
/etc/apm.d.  anacron registers itself with a script here so if your machine 
was asleep for a week it will try to run its old jobs (assuming it is plugged 
in).  Without this support the machine must reboot or be left running for the 
better part of a day for anacron to get a chance to do its stuff.

Similar support for pmud, acpi and whatever else is out there would be 
welcomed.  I have a bug open about the pmud support currently but the user is 
not entirely sure about the proper solution.

anacron maintainer

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