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Re: IBM600E Unstable Gnome 2.2 gnome-cd : invalid cd device

Am Fre, 2003-07-18 um 23.37 schrieb Ewing Jeff:
> Selecting CD player from Gnome 2.2. get error message "Invalid CD
> Device".

Maybe you simply forgot to configure ?
Settings button:
--> Device: /dev/hdb
as an example. If you donÄt know the device,
and provided you have access to data cd's,
you'll find it in /etc/fstab, or as first entry
of a 'cat /etc/fstab | grep cdrom' command.

> user groups : adm disk dialout audio dip

disk should be ok.

For the permissions, ls -l /dev/hdb should show sth. like

brw-rw----    1 root     disk       3,  64 2002-01-24 17:26 /dev/hdb

> Jeff Ewing

Have fun !

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