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Re: Dell Latitude LS: crash on reboot w/ 2.4.x

some ideas...
looks like an irq problem.

1) play with irq unmasking hdparm -u1

2) try:
CONFIG_IDEDMA_PCI_WIP=Y and enable Bad/Good Blcklisting
Do you have an external USB drive or sth ?
Any difference if connected / disconnected ?
lspci -v ?

3) Check the BIOS irq settings (none disabled)

Humble workarounds:
4) insert some script into reboot runlevel to disable dma ?

5) Kernel 2.4.5 + with hopefully enhanced ide / irq handling ?

6) Anyway, a BIOS upgrade if possible.

7) Don't reboot ;-)

                                                                   mi <mrl>

Am Samstag, 12. Juli 2003 15:02 schrieb mike dentifrice:
> After the reboot, Debian starts fine until my hdparm script turns DMA on
> and sets the disk to 32-bit mode. At this point, I get a series of DMA
> timeout messages, and hdparm ends up switching back to 16-bit mode.
> When this happens, my network card doesn't work anymore and floods me
> with error messages when I try to ping another machine. On top of
> that, I sometimes get another error message, related to USB UHCI (I
> enclosed error messages as an attachment - errorlog.txt).
> This *only* happens when I reboot the computer while using a 2.4.x
> kernel. I've been doing some tests with various custom kernels: 2.4.18
> kernel sources from Woody and 2.4.21 from kernel.org. I also compiled a
> kernel with APM disabled, and the same thing happens. (I enclosed my
> kernel .config file as an attachment - kernelconfig.txt).
> What makes me believe it has to do with my 2.4.x kernel is that I've
> tried with the 2.2.20-idepci kernel from the woody install CD, and then,
> there's no problem!
> These problems only happen after a reboot (with "reboot"). Switching the
> computer off with "halt", and switching it on again causes no trouble at
> all.

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