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2.4 Kernel Stability


I need many of the new features in a 2.4 based kernel on my portable. However, I like the Stable packages, as I have not had any issues, except my own lack of knowledge of Debian on a laptop.

I read that may people are running 2.4.x kernels on their portables. Is there a (semi) stable release
of  Debian 2.4, that I can run on a portable?

I have a Prostar P-IV running at 2GHz....

I have not tried to fix these 2.2 problems:

/dev/dsp device not found and not working i.e. no sound. (I prefer Alsa)

CD/DVD anything as the native deb install does not allow much of anything to work
                           I install with floppies....

Could a portable boot 2 kernels (2.2.a and 2.4) from lilo without having the installed packages wig out? This way I can test everything on the same portable BEFORE making a permanent commitment to 2.4.

Is 2.4.x near a formal release for Debian?

I really do not want to install everthing twice, but, if I have to I could do this and test all that is critical on 2.4, before deleteing the 2.2 kernel and packages? Suggestions and pointers to a howto?

Actually, this is hopefully answered somewhere(in a howto) ????

I also want to add xawtv and many other MPEG4 packages, but, they only seem to run on a 2.4 kernel.

Ideas and suggestions are most welcome!


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