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Re: Virus Detected by Network Associates, Inc. Webshield SMTP V4.5 MR1a

On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 12:14:38PM +0000, virusalert@baan.com wrote:
> An E-mail from <debian-laptop@lists.debian.org> to <RvdOever@baan.nl>  with subject
> Re: Application has been intercepted. The virus W32/Sobig.c@MM in attachment
> your_details.zip has been detected.

Quick question, why do I always receive emails like this?  It seems that
if the virus has been intercepted, there is no need for me to know about
it... is this advertising for their antivirus scanner, or something
designed to make virus authors all proud when they do a search and their
virus comes up in mailing list archives and they can see how far their
work spread?


Dan Rasmussen
Jabber: dhrasmus@charente.de
Don't forget to submit to your corporate masters, and believe unquestioningly everything the media tells you.

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