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Am 11:31 2003-06-20 +0200 hat Joeri De Backer geschrieben:
>I want me to buy a wireless network PCMCIA-card
>for my Acer Travelmate 280.
>Is this well supported?  Which types are good?
>Are there any that I shouldn't take?
>Any advice is welcome!

Hello Joeri, 

I am using the 'a little bit more expensive' Lucent ORINOCO cards 
because the quality and the performance... 

They are working like the heaven... 

OK, I use a COR-1100 and two ROR-1100 with a 10dbi OmniWave antenna 
and my Laptop use an external RangeExtender with 2dbi. I get around 
1300 meters on an open terrain and around 500 meters in Strasbourg 

If I change my RangeExternder to an YAGI-Antenna with 14dbi I get 
around 2500 meter in terrain. 

So, I do not like to use other material... ;-))

Oh yes, the distances are between the ROR-1100 (Remote Outdoor Router)
and the Laptop. 

My COR-1100 (Central Outdoor Router) has an Sector-Antenna (120° with 
12dbi) and the first WaveLAN-Card in the ROR-1100 a YAGI-Antenna. 
With this combination I get around 3500 Meters WITHOUT FALLBACK and the
Red-Head-Cards which are limited to 25mW/100mW. 

If you use the normal cards with the OmniWave-, Sector- or YAGI-Antenna 
you will have more then the allowed (in europe) 100mW ;-)) maybe around 

The second WaveLAN-Card in the ROR-1100 has an OmniWave-Antenna. 

Please note, that at this distances I have NO FALLBACK from 11MBit to 
5.5MBit. If you have a bad weather, the you have around the half power. 

And then, if you have only two Lucent ORINOCO cards (35mW), you can have 
a distance up to 300 Meters WITHOUT FALLBACK to 5.5MBit. 

Thats the Power of Lucent !!!

May be you will put the first one in your Home Server/Router and spend 
120 Euros for an OmniWave-Antenne which you install on the roof of your 
house ;-)) configure the cared as access point and have fun with your 
friends in a distance of 800 and more meters... 


Have a nice week

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