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Re: Stolen laptop

>>>>> "WH" == Werner Heuser <Werner.Heuser@web.de> writes:

    >> My house was burglarized the other day. One of the things they
    >> got was my old Gateway Liberty Laptop. It's a 486-100, running

    WH> You may check some links to databases for stolen laptops
    WH> http://tuxmobil.org/stolen_laptops.html

On a related note, are there any packages in Debian that provide
stolen-laptop tracking functionality like Computrace

I could envision a program that sends information about its local
network to a predetermined location every time it connects to the
network. A more elaborate solution might involve hacking a DHCP client
(and a network stack) into Grub or Lilo so that the program could be
run as soon as the laptop was switched on.


Joseph Barillari -- http://barillari.org

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