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Re: Welche?

Hi Hugo,

thanks for your info! I looked allready the usual places on the net before posting here, and i just wanted to know, if someone has some experience with those laptops. Probably every reader of this news group knows, how hard it can be choosing the right one ;) wenn it comes to linux.


On 04 Jun 2003 19:17:15 +0200, Hugo Wau <hugowau@freenet.de> wrote:

Hi Lajos,
I use Debian Linux with kernel 2.4.20 with a IPC Powernote M. I did not
yet succeed in activating the built in Modem since a compiling failure
with the pctel win-modem. Since I activated ACPI with the 2.4.20 kernel powerconsumption and fan
noise are bearable.
Go ahead.
Cu Hugo

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