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Re: Hibernation on compaq presario 1200


	I had a succefull history! 

	To get hibernate (you mean suspend to disk?), you have to compile the kernel 
with APM support. Them you have to create the hibernate partition with a app 
called lphdisk, and you are done.
	It's a shame that with APM you get hibernate but loose the /proc/acpi 
informations (like proc  temperature). But with ACPI you loose hibernate!
	From time to time I try ACPI again. Last time I got hibernate (echo 3s > 
/proc/acpi/sleep if I'm not wrong), but when I tried to wake it up, it 

On Monday 02 June 2003 11:17, Hugo S. Carrer wrote:
> Hi:
> Does anyone have a success story of hib. on a presario 1200?
> Or at least a story? :).
> Thanks.
> hugo

Christian Lyra


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