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Re: Which laptop with centrino?


a week ago i bought an acer travelmate 800 lci. it works fine under
linux. some things are still on my todo-list:
- get wlan work (=waiting for intel supporting linux :( )
- get the smartcard-reader work (o2micro)
- find some acpi tools for use under gnome2.2
- configure all Fn-Keys (=hotbuttons like "email" "web" etc.)
  volume control works already
- power-management (=suspend,sleep)
- cd-writer

things that work:
- ethernet (broadcom 4401, bcm4400.o)
- graphics (ati radeon 9000 sxga, xfree 4.2.x)
- acpi (kernel modules, e.g. auto poweroff)
- usb hotplug (e.g. logitech mouse, on _all_ 4 ports!
  under wxp it only works on the first one)
- cardbus 
- audio (i810_audio)
- ieee1394 (kernel-driver loaded without errors. not
  testet because i haven't a firewire device)
- cd/dvd rom

so far 

 Markus Garscha                    
 Germany                                                  pgp-keyid: 0xEE18AF3B  

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