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Sendmail doing reverse lookups in various networks


I am running Sendmail on my notebook computer, currently using
the version from the Debian package with the version number
"8.12.3-6.3" which is the latest stable/security package.

When a mail is submitted by calling "/usr/sbin/sendmail", the
following happens: Sendmail does a reverse lookup and uses the
returned hostname to change the envelope and mail header
addresses from addresses consisting of only a username (like
"marcus") to ones like "marcus@returned.hostname".

For one thing, I don't like any programm fiddling around in my
mail headers, but the worse thing is that my notebook computer
won't accept the mail right afterwards because it is not
configured to receive mail for any possible
"marcus@dhcp934576.some-employer.com" recipient. This is very
annoying since e.g. cron job outputs will not be cleanly

Can anyone give me a hint?

TIA, Marcus


   Marcus C. Gottwald  ·  http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/~gottwald/

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