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Re: Unstable 'sid' release

On Sat, 05 Apr 2003 08:35:18 +0200
Pavel Tavoda <Pavel.Tavoda@vvexpert.sk> wrote:

> Is't here somebody using sid?
> Can be 'sid' used by experienced user for everyday work on notebook?
> Or better question: "How stable is unstable 'sid' release"?

It *isn't* stable. That's why it's called "unstable". Sid is the "use at
your own risk" branch of Debian.

I say that because many people run Sid without any serious problems; it's
easy to forget that there "can" be serious problems.

In a discusssion like this a good definition of "experienced user" is
"someone who makes regular backups of important stuff, and who knows what to
do when problems arise".

I have two Debian installations on this machine; one stable and one
unstable. I find myself using unstable more and stable less. I've had some
problems but none of them serious.

But that doesn't mean there won't be serious problems in the future.


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