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Re: Wifi Cards for Linux?

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 02:39:57 -0800
Andre Eisenbach <andre@eisenbach.com> wrote:

> Am Montag 24 März 2003 23:16 schrieb Jon:
> > My question is, what is the best and easiest 802.11b PCMCIA card to
> > buy for linux these days?  Linksys?
> The Orinoco Wavelan cards are IMHO still the easiest to install and
> best performers.
> I currently use a SMC wireless card though. And while it wasn't the
> easiest to install, it is performing well and was dirt cheap ($39).

I use prism II based cards with the orinoco drivers.  That way it's
cheap and easy to set up.  I bought Proxim RangeLAN-DS cards from
justdeals.com for about 40 bucks each, but I don't think they carry them
anymore.  Right now my cards of choice are 200 mW SENAO cards from
abertek (http://aberinfo.goos.com/index.shtml).  There is a model with
two external antenna connectors, but if you don't have an external
antenna, it doesn't work as well.  The other model has a larger built-in
antenna.  Also, these cards appear to be rebadges, but I don't know who
the original manufacturer was.  dump_cis gives me "INTERSIL"
"HFA384x/IEEE" "Version 01.02" "".  No mention of any manufacturer other
than Intersil.  I'm guessing that these are basically the same as
Intersil's referrence design.  They are 200 mW cards though.

Chas Becht
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