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Re: online/offline exim config

From: "Joao Pedro Clemente" <jpcl@rnl.ist.utl.pt>

> > > My dream mail configuration looks like this: while off-line, spool the
> > > outgoing mail into some file, and then when I'm on-line, send it in one
> > > run. While on-line (i.e. at work, where I have permanent connection),
> > > mail should be sent right away.
> >
> > I use ifplugd (apt-get it) and fetchmail...
> >
> > When plugged, my ifplugd config start exim to flush the queue (Exim is
> > configured with smarthost).
> I actually am doing things "by hand", as I havent found a way for exim to
> know what is a "offline state": I found out that "exim -q" flushes the
> mails I have in my mail queue (instead of waiting for the next retry date)
> I haven't understood this reply: If you just start exim when you get
> online, what happens when you try to send mail while offline? If exim is
> not running, will it not fail?!?

I use much the same config.  Exim can be running but not necessarily ready to
run the queues at the same time as you connect, so you have ifplugd, or
whereami, or some other network-aware program, do an explicit queue run at

Meanwhile, exim doesn't need to know if it's offline - you send it mail, it
tries to forward it, and if it can't it puts it in the queue for retry.

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