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Re: DVD/CDRW drives support

#include <hallo.h>
* Matěj Hausenblas [Tue, Mar 18 2003, 11:19:27PM]:

> I would like to know, if in general nowadays the DVD/CDRW drives on laptops 
> are supported by cdrecord and if getting them to work is the same as getting 
> a standard drive to work on a desktop PC. (I mean ide-scsi emulation, or even 
> better true scsi).

Internal drivers are used the same way as the big versions. What I would
like is to have a driver for the external Freecom/Toshiba drive. It is
not USB or similar, it is a cardbus card which is registred correctly on
the PCI bus without a driver for it. If someone has an idea how to make
a such thing work, please tell me.

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