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Re: offlineimap (Re: Mail (smtp) config at different locations. Script or ..?)

On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 07:50:32PM +0000, Joao Pedro Clemente wrote:
> 1 - The maildir format is supported by mutt. Anyway I would like to be
> able to have some graphical mail client also.. Neither kmail or sylpheed
> seem to support the maildir format..

File wishlist bugs to have them support it.

> 2 - How about sending? IMAP does not take cover of sending, and here I've
> seen quite some different approaches:
> - Tunneling to my mail server: No good. Sometimes my mail server is my ISP
> (when I'm at home, at my home lan), other times it's my university mailer.

Use a script that works out where you are, to set up a tunnel. Mine, for the
ssh tunnel for imap, uses resolv.conf to take a best guess where I am.
(simple, since that it check if I'm at home, and logs into the server, if
not, it logs into the firewall, and points the port forward at the mail

> - Running courier, or qmail, or sendmail: Aren't those too complicated/big
> for the job? I feel them as "server" mailers, not "client" mailers...

If you're going on what I said about courier, I think you're missing that I
meant that if you run the server, use courier as the server. Then you can have
an Outbox folder.. Courier sucks, but that feature is nice. (I'd use cyrus,
but thats overkill, and well, uw is just stupid)

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