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Install synaptics driver for touchpad - what is a pre-compiled binary?

Hi everyone,

heres a question many might think stupid but I'm at a loss and would appreciate help.

I'm running woody on a acer travelmate and have been using tpconfig for my touchpad. However it doesnt work well when it comes to the more advance functions. I have noticed postings recommending the native synaptics driver that can be found www.tuxmobil.org. Searching their webpage I can see the following instruction "The source tar file contains a pre-compiled binary. I highly recommend to use the binary, because the source can't be compiled without the XFree86 sources. The tar file contains the file INSTALL, which describes how to modify your XF86Config-4 file."... my problem is this. I have downloaded and untarred the file but what exactly is the pre-compiled binary? Is it the synaptics_drv.o file? Does this mean i simply copy this file to the relevant catalog and make necessary changes in XF86Config-4, and remove tpconfig? Do i need gpm? or does the synaptic driver work as is?

I have read all the "documents" in the file, but nothing tells me what they mean by the pre compiled binary. Hopefully some one can help


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