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Re: How to setup for multiple nics?

Chris Hoover wrote:

I have a question, I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 that has a 10/100 nic and a wireless nic. I use this system both at work and home. When I am at work, I am hard wired, but wireless at home. Is there anyway to set the bootup so that it only activates the 10/100 nic when at work and only the wireless when at home?

For the wired NIC, you might like ifplugd. It will bring the interface up/down when the cable is inserted/removed.

If the wireless is a PCMCIA card and the cardmgr stuff is set up properly it shoud be brought up/down whenever the card is inserted/removed. If the wireless NIC is internal, I don't know. I'd just set up sudo and make aliases like "alias wup='sudo ifup eth1'", but it sounds like you want something more automated.

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