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Re: Gnome locking up.

On Thu, Mar 06, 2003 at 02:16:59PM -0600, Harley D. Eades III wrote:
> Hello,
> I recompiled the kernel to kernel-2.4.20 it compiled fine 
> but every other boot the screen shrenks buy 3inchs or so 
> on every side any ideas on what this might be. My laptop 
> is a Dell 2650 Inspiron P4 1.8 256mb of ram 30gig HD cd-rw. 

Dell laptops usually shrinks screen, when using VGA text mode, 
I guess. I have Dell Latitude CPi, and it does it too. 
If I'm not right, someone correct me, please, I wish to know 
how it is.

There are at least two solutions:
1. (simpler) there should be 'Font' button on your keyboard, press 
it and font will increase in size so it will cover whole screen.
But this bigger font is really ugly.

2. (more complicated) I use SVGATextMode, and it works great for me, 
It increases the number of lines and columns of your screen, and
enlarges the screen. If you have NeoMagic graphic card in your laptop,
you can choose the premade modeline made exactly for this card by
Pavel Machek. If not, you would found probably some other, ...


P.S.: Sorry for not answering your question about GNOME, 
	I don't know anything about it. Try WindowMaker :))
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