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Re: unable to startx on Compaq

Liudmila Yafremava <liudmila@spine.npa.uiuc.edu> writes:

> Hello!


> Videocard memory unknown: compaq does not provide that information. 

Try to use 'lspci -v' to see what kind of videocard you have on this machine.

> When I reconfigure the mouse and test it with  
> XFree86 -xf86config /root/XF86Config.new
> I see a purely black screen, and sometimes gray screen, no X for mouse,
> and when I try to exit, ctrl-alt-bckspc does not work. 

Try ctrl-alt-f1 to go back to text mode (But probably will not work if the
ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't)

> reboot, and that breaks something in the kernel, so the computer suggests
> me to do a manual repair, but I do not know how.

Could you type the original message ? The manually repair is probably a fsck
message, so you can try to boot in single user, and then do a fsck on the
corrupted partition.

> Thank you much,

You're welcome.

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