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Re: What happen with my screen

I am having a similar problem with my ThinkPad770, and I am pretty sure the screen is dying. Another indication is uneven brightness; the bottom left corner of my screen is bright and washed out; the rest is dim. I tried replacing the inverter which powers the screen, but it did not help at all.
Which reminds me: does anyone have a dead ThinkPad770 with a good screen that I could bum off you for cannibalization? I live in San Francisco.

Aritz Beraza Garayalde wrote:

On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 03:49:59PM +0100, ildottofabio@tiscali.it wrote:
E-Mail: ildottofabio@tiscali.it
Date: 17-Feb-2003
Time: 11:27:55

Thismessage was sent by XFMail
my video changed color from white, first to pink, then to red and now to violet. It seems that a trasparent colored sheet is between my video and my eyes, I can read the writing but with some difficult.

Does it happens in console too? maybe its hardware fault. (I had a screen
with the same problem, white was violet, and green was brown etc etc), i had
to buy a new one.

Aritz Beraza

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