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Re: vmlinuz too big

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 21:50:33 +0100
Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:39, Hugo S. Carrer wrote:
> > > > This is a public list.  Just because English is the
> > > > language we (mostly) have in common is no reason
> > > > people shouldn't use their own language.  I don't
> > > > speak anything else, and can't read much better, but
> > > > I have no problem with posts in portugese or any
> > > > other language.
> > >
> > > This is a public list for English language
> > > discussions.
> >
> > This is the only debian-laptop list so it is implied
> > that anybody can post on it, just because somebody
> > doesn't speak english it doesn't mean that he or she
> > doesn't deserve help.
> No, they can get someone to translate the message for them
> if it is to be published here.  

We agree, that would be best in both ways, it wouldn't
bother you and it would get more answers.

>Or they can subscribe to
> one of the many lists that cater to their language.

This is the only debian-laptop list

> > > If it starts getting many posts in other languages
> > > I'll unsubscribe.
> >
> > It would be a big loss for the list and I really mean
> > it. But I don think that threats are the way to go here.
> It's not a threat, it's a matter of being practical.  At a
> conservative estimate the time I spend answering questions
> on lists could gain me $20,000 per year if I spent it
> working.  If reading the lists takes twice as long am I
> supposed to spend so much less time working?  Of course
> not, I'll just unsubscribe from half the lists I'm on.

Clearly that's your desicion (I forgot how to spell this :))
to make, nobody forces you to read every single mail, and it
would be easier for you to avoid unwanted messages if they
were in a different language.

Anyway I agree with you that it would be chaotic if we had a
babel list. But one mail every now and then is not that bad

> > > Just think about this for 10 seconds.  Think about the
> > > number of languages that are used in the world and how
> > > useless a mailing list would be if all languages were
> > > represented in proportion to their use.
> >
> > I'm from Argentina and luckily i can write/read english
> > but no everybody can and that doesn't diminish (?) their
> > right to get help from a FREE community.
> You won't get any help from me if you ask in a language
> other than English, probably most people on the list will
> say something similar.  It's not a matter of rights, it's
> a matter that if you want a favour from someone then you
> have to speak a language they know.

Again, to help or not is your decision but I should be able
to ask if I don't have any other option.

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