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Re: wlan in several networks?

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 11:45, Michael Renner wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 February 2003 06:02 pm, Dennis Schreiber wrote:
> > Hi.
> Moin,
> [...]
> > | Is there a way to automate the configuration for the
> > | different environments?
> >
> > '-----------------------------------------------
> >
> > You can define "schemes" in your /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts
> that;s what I do now, but I want a automatic way, for me (even I have root 
> rights) and my users.
> This whereami seems to be a chance. Does anybody have configuration examples 
> for wlan access?
> Years ago I wrote some simple scripts to recognize  the envritment after (!) 
> you got a dhcp adress, but the situation here is complete different.
> I dont know if or how it is possible to find out the MAC adress in this state!
> Any hints?

I use testssid thusly:

(these are snippets from my detect.conf)

  set INTERFACE eth1
  testssid   UCLA              wlan
  testssid   karoro            wlan
  testssid   any             wlan

Then further down I test more specifically:

if wlan
  set INTERFACE eth1
  testdhcp    '*.*.*.*'    wdhcp
  testping,         home

And finally, the actual DHCP sites:

if wdhcp
  testdhcp    10.1.44.*     oshca
  testdhcp    192.168.2.*     oshca
  testdhcp    192.168.55.*    home

This works, but my experience with WLANs is limited to only two
examples, and neither of them use WEP.

I will add mention of testssid and testreceived into the detect.conf
manpage - they are currently undocumented, as Hubert Chan notes.

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