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WordPerfect on TP770: libncurses4 package problem

I am using WordPerfect Office 2000 (WPO2000) Debian 3 on my laptop, and have 
had problems in configuring the WordPerfect packages. Most things work on it 
(Quattro Pro, Central, Presentations), except WordPerfect itself. Currently, 
dselect has been giving me grief about the Corel packages, saying that they are 
broken when they work (all but WordPerfect, however). I have had to "hold" the 
packages to keep them from being deleted.

It complained about a missing package "libncurses4" - an old package. I found 
the Corel CD and took libncurses4 from that CD. I use dpkg -i to install it; 
and it installs with no errors.

I later try to install something else, and the installation aborts, since it is 
now complaining about libncurses4 being a "broken" package (but dselect's 
"Select" feature shows that it is not with its "*"). dselect has now refused to 
install anything new. Its message was something to the effect that it will not 
install anything until it fixes libncurses4; but it can't do that if I am 
holding the WPO2000 packages. When I un-hold them and select "config", it seems 
to be fixing them, but when I hit "install" to install the other packages it 
first wants to delete WPO2000, resulting in my having to "hold" them again. But 
then it complains about libncurses4 again.

Stupid package manager.

Paul King=========================================================
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