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Re: "3Com Vortex"-type NIC must assume different MAC

Hello Soren, 

Am 18:54 2003-01-25 +0000 hat Soren A geschrieben:

>    3Com PCI 3c905C "Tornado" at 0x3000 vers.LK1.1.16
>whatever all that means.

YES you can !!!

I do not know exactly how, but I asume that your laptop use a 
pcmcia-NIC which you can not change... like my 3c589D-Combo. 

But you can change your 3c905C in your PC, - if you run Linux there !

I do not know exactly how, but you must set your 3c905C to the same 
as the pcmcia-NIC. 

>WHEN is the proper time in the initialization chain for bringing up the 
>network (and everything else) to try to issue a command to the NIC? I
>this must have something to do with /etc/init.d and files in the rc.X 
>hierarchy. WHERE is the file that issues the command to load the driver 

Hmmm, there was someone for more then two years which had told me, 
that I must change the MAC after the NIC was loaded and before the 
the Network is initialized... 

>(which is a module, I've confirmed that support for my NIC is built as a 
>module in my kernel, by doing 'lsmod')? HOW is the invocation to be
done -- 
>I've seen it suggested that something like should work:
>  root$ ifconfig eth0 [IP-address] [optnetstuff] \ #line cont.
>    hw ether AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF
>Is this the right style in which to specify the MAC numerically?

I do not know

>Thanks. Debian still rocks, never did I dream of being able to use a 
>computer with so much access to all the internals of the platform. These 
>temporary troubles will be overcome...


And after the Weekend... (I like Windows-WORM's)


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