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Installing on a Gericom A2 (IIyama NT310S)

Hi all,

I would really like to run Debian on a Gericom A2 (IIyama NT310S). The
computer is small and lacks an internal optical drive; instead it uses an
external USB 2.0 (i.e. bootable) combi-drive (Panasonic). The Debian CD's
boot just fine, but after the initial boot, the installer informs me that
the optical drive is not recognized. I am then provided with a list of
drivers for antiquated CD-ROMs from which to choose for the remainder of the
installation process. I do not believe that any of these drivers will work
and that the problem arises from the fact the drive is not simply an IDE or
SCSI unit. Suggestions?

Also, I've also noticed that my keyboard goes dead once the installer kicks
in. Maybe a USB keyboard? It's my understanding that these can be

I have to run Windows for work, but I would really like to use GPL'ed
software (and the OS) whenever possible. I like Debian's commitment to GPL.
Please help me get it running on my machine and maybe (if I'm really
fortunate), WINE will eliminate my need for Windows altogether. BTW has
anyone else noticed that the MicroSoft spell checker (in Outlook) wants to
change "Debian" to "Defiant" or "Deviant"...either way, I must switch.

Help if you can. Thanks.


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