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Compaq Presario 905EA: soundcard


I am trying to install debian in my new compaq. After the basic
installation i downloaded 2.4.20 and built the new kernel. I have almost
everything working but for the sound. I 've installed the alsa package and
installed following the instructions the corresponding module (ali5451).
Well when i try to load the module it results to disaster. I see some
messages for IRQ conflict:

IRQ routing conflict for 00:08.0, have irq 5, want irq 4

The module is loaded, the sound is not working and in addition to that  
there is a problem with the file system, i.e opt sbin for example is "Read
only file system". I cannot even run shutdown. 

I tried it a lot of times but always with the same result. Is there a
patch for the module? Will it help if i use OSS/Free or OSS/Non Free????

Thank you in advance,


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