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Re: poor machine

On Sat, 2003-01-18 at 01:08, Andriy T.Yanko wrote:
> I got Toshiba T1850/120 notebook ( 1991,  very old )
> Technical info:  Intel 386SX -25/120Mb HDD/8Mb RAM/LCD 640x480/
> I am not  fun of M$ so I am looking  linux distribution  for such machine.
> Do anyone know  optional distro or how to make own small optimal distro for 386SX?

RAM and disk are problems there - the debian install won't run in less
than 12MB with swap (which you don't have room for) or 14 without.

I have a Toshiba 486 with 200MB disk and 8MB RAM; I've installed Linux
twice - first time was Slackware, with a heavily modified boot disk - I
included PCMCIA and left out just about everything else, so I could do a
network install. For Debian, I pulled the disk out and put it in my
desktop :-) Even then, I think I may have watched carefully while it was
installing, and removed bits that I figured I didn't need (docs etc)
before it got to the next stage, so that it didn't run out :-)

Both of those are full distros though; you should have an easier time
with something designed for a small machine.


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