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Re: mtrr setup

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002 12:25, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:
> It's a 650MHz celeron with 320 mb ram (ASUS A1).
> On mplayer i consistently get the message that my system is too slow to
> play dvd. And as I said cpu use is around 95%. I use mplayer for playing
> dvds. I also tried xine but it was really jerky. If i use the framedrop
> option mplayer plays without complaining but video gets jerky as well.

I use an Athlon 800 desktop machine with 256M of 133MHz ram and find it to be 
barely fast enough for playing DVDs and AVIs.  So it's not a great surprise 
to me that you are having performance problems.

I think that part of the issue is optimisation of the players.  I used to find 
that Xine and Ogle performed adequately on DVDs, now they both totally suck 
and I can only get vlc to deliver OK performance (but VLC doesn't do menus 
and it's support for selecting chapters seems broken).

I should file some bug reports...

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