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Re: Debian on Dell CPX J 650

On Wednesday 18 December 2002 15:01, Albert Dengg wrote:
> > Little question first: does one need to supply a certain param through
> > lilo to get this thing working? I had a Dell CPI A 366XT first, and
> > there i just selected the 'neomagic' framebuffer and it automagically
> > changed the screen to 1024x768. Without any paramters.
> >
> > Do i need to pass any for either Mach64fb or vesafb?
> >
> have a look at <kernel-source>/Documentation/fb/vseafb.txt

Aha. I tried these params on the Mach64 which is compiled in the kernel and 
now I have a very nice looking 1024x768 console !



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