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Re: ANN: Obelix ./. Mobilix: "Wish you all the best"

On Thursday, 31. October 2002 16:23, Werner Heuser wrote:
> Surprisingly fast the high court in Munich (Germany) has
> scheduled the first hearing of the appelate proceedings.
> The proceedings will take place at November 21st. 

Wish you will have succsess and the court will be on our side.
If not, it will be neccassary to show that mobilix.org is in the
interest of a real lage groupe of people and visit Munich to
show this ;-)


> In the first
> instance Werner Heuser has successfully defended
> his Open Source project MobiliX - UniX on Mobile Devices
> (http://mobilix.org) against Les Edition Albert Réné,
> which is the owner of the trademark Obelix. But on
> September 26th the plaintiff has sent an appelation to the
> court. The laywers of Werner Heuser
> Jaschinski Biere Brexl - JBB (http://jbb.de) have finished their
> defense plea against the appelation today.
> The argumentation of Jaschinski Biere Brexl - JBB
> (http://jbb.de) couldn't resist to argue in an almost
> ironical style. Very important for the Open Source community
> is their rejection of all arguments, which try to claim the
> suffix "iX" as sort of a trademark for Les Edition Albert Réné.
> Especially in the IT field the suffix "iX" is a very wellknown
> abbrevation for products, which are derived from or made for the
> operating system UniX. Nevertheless the plaintiff has already
> successfully urged two German IT companies (Skrobelix and Masterix)
> to withdraw their names. But Werner Heuser is confident to put an
> end to this threat. Though the plaintiff has announced to go
> to the highest German court, if he doesn't succeed in this instance.
> The documentation of the case (and the defense plea
> in German) is available online
> (http://mobilix.org/mobilix_asterix.html).

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