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Re: XF4.02 SiliconMotion driver hanging my ASUS 7300

I have just solved the problem (sort of), thanks to good help
from the siliconmotion driver maintainers.

The problem is that some of the older Lynx chip sets (and this is
the original one) map registers into the frame buffer memory, and
they freak out when the driver tries to do write combining on the
frame buffer memory.

To turn it off, set
Option "NoMTRR"
in the device section for siliconmotion

My laptop is a rebadged Asus L7300. A Cinet SmartBook 400.
The only difference (afaik) is that the SB400 has built-in
ethernet instead of modem.

I'm running RedHat 8.0. I had the same problem on 7.3 and
on Debian.

It should also be possible to do it by reducing frame buffer
memory, but
VideoRam 2048
didn't have any effect. Seems like the siliconmotion driver
doesn't pick up that config statement. Reducing the drivers
idea of the amount of frame buffer memory should (hopefully)
keep it away from the part of memory where the registers live.


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