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Re: Laptop battery power

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 11:16:02PM +0200, Anders E. Andersen wrote:

> Could anybody give some advice on my battery situation. I own an ASUS A1 
> laptop and a while back I began having trouble with the APM system.
I've had the problem of only recharging to X% (usually indeed arround 60) a
couple of times, it's easily fixed by 'refreshing' the battery.
Go into the bios, somewhere in the next-to-last menu screen (on mine it is
there, meight be located elsewhere), there is an option to recalibrate the
batteries. It takes serveral hours (full charge and full decharge), but
after that, things work nicely again.

The system shutting down unexpectedly is weird, if it continues to happen
after refreshing the batteries, check your warranty status...

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