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Re: OT: how much disk space for linux + windows

On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 07:34:18PM +0200, mw wrote:
> Hello List.
> I am trying to buy a used laptop on ebay next time, but there's one question 
> i'm quite unsure yet.
> I would like to install both linux (debian ) and windows ( probably 2000 ) 
> because i want to use it for networking exercises with my good old desktop 
> box here.
> I wonder how much disk space i will need. I heard to give win2000 about 10 GB 
> at least, But I would not need win word or excell or such stuff.
> For my belongings, I think Debian Linux would work with 6 GB sufficient.
> But can I reduce win to that ? Then I could attempt a 12 GB disc which would 
> make things much easier...

It depends a lot on how many applications you will be installing.  I
have a dual-boot 20 GB disk here with currently 785 MB used by Win 98SE
and 6.5 GB used by Debian Linux.  I suspect that Win 2000 uses a bit
more than 98SE, but 6 GB for each (don't forget to leave some space for
swap) is probably a good place to start.  If you find that one OS is
running short while the other has excess space you can repartition the
disk (parted won't do this yet, but Partition Magic can handle both
NTFS and EXT2/3.)

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