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Re: 2.4 kernel tweaking

> I've also experimented on this for quite a while and found that only
> ext2 (or other non journalling fs) will allow the disk to spin down
> with the help of noflushd and setting noatime.
> I found no journalling fs which works. If you do please let me know
> how.

XFS turned out to allow spin down of HD together with noflushd. However,
for kernel 2.4.18 it requires a kernel patch. The debian xfs kernel patch
packet worked perfectly.

So I have ext2 on my root partition, everything else on XFS.

Thanks, but XFS turned out to be quite slow on my laptop and as I only
have  4GB HD fsck doesn't take too long so i'll stick with ext2.

This is probably stupid, but I am quite happy with the following "solution". I hacked the source. The 5 second commit interval is hardcoded in


       journal->j_commit_interval = (HZ * 5);

I changed 5 to 300. What I think this means is that I may loose 5 minutes of work, which is acceptible for me, but crash recovery is fast. Since I have crashes only when experimenting with the kernel, I think this is not as bad as it might look at first glance. But, you know, no guarantees of mine, your filesystem might become garbled, your hard disk might become fried!


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