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PCTEL 2304WT winmodem on Inspiron 4100

Has anyone gotten the PCTel 2304WT modem to work with Linux? On a Dell Inspiron 4100?

I using the pctel-0.9.4 driver (http://linmodems.technion.ac.il/pctel-linux/) with the "--with-hal=i81x" configuration option (its an ac97 modem with an i830MP chipset) with the 2.4.19-pre1-ac2 kernel.

I can load the modules and the modem responds to AT commands. Initially I couldn't get the modem to dial. After a few of web searches, I found a FAQ that suggested using the ATX3 initialization option. After that I could get the modem to dial, but it never acknowledges that it has a connection after the other end answers. Sometimes it locks up the kernel when the other end answers the call. I've noticed the following message in /var/log/messages:

  kernel: Trying to free nonexistent resource <0000d400-0000d407>

Most of attempts to use the modem have been after rebooting without ever loading the sound modules (ac97_codec and i810_audio) to make sure the problem wasn't conflicts with the sound drivers. I tried it once with ac97_codec loaded in case some ac97-related thing wasn't being initialized by the modem driver, but that didn't help either. The presense or lack of the sound drivers does not appear to have any effect on the modem driver or the kernel lockups.

I'm beginning to suspect that the problem is either specific to the Inspiron 4100 or an incompatibility with the kernel version I am using. The README for the modem driver says it has been tested with kernels up to 2.4.18. I know there was a good reason I decided to use 2.4.19-pre1-ac2 at the time (even though I can't remember what it was.) I'm hoping someone can confirm that the driver does or does not work with kernel 2.4.18 or earlier on a Dell Inspiron 4100 before I go messing with my kernel again. Or at least maybe someone can confirm that the driver works at all with an Inspiron 4100.

thanks much,

jason kraftcheck

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