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Re: Problems with pcmcia and Tecra 700ct

    "Josiah" == Wm Josiah Erikson <josiah@firewall.insanetechnology.com> writes:

    Josiah> Hello all, I've seen a lot of complaining about this
    Josiah> problem on the internet, but no solutions. I'm having the
    Josiah> exact same problem as this guy:
    Josiah> http://lists.debian.org/debian-laptop/2000/debian-laptop-200005/msg00290.html

    Josiah> I'm also having it with woody, kernel 2.2.20

    Josiah> Is there any solution to this problem? Should I create a
    Josiah> custom 2.4 kernel and bring it over with a floppy? It's a
    Josiah> pain to be stuck without network :) I'm not on the list,
    Josiah> so please cc: me on any replies. Thanks!  -Josiah

PCMCIA seems to work if you pass a "do_pci_probe=0" option in
/etc/defaults/pcmcia. I have a line that reads


I got this from Pasi when I mailed him directly early this year
(poster of message linked above in your mail).


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