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HP Pavillion N5425 - system beep (and other issues)

I found the page:


which had some very useful information on running Woody on this laptop (which 
unfortunately seems to be designed around the assumption that you aren't 
going to use anything other than WinXP Home)

I am hoping to get acpi working on it, which appears to depend on also having 
AMD PowerNow! support; this is now available as a patch for current (2.4.19) 
kernels, and is included in the "jp" patches; I am compiling a kernel as I 
write, and will post back with results if anyone is interested.

I was curious about the (admittedly minor) issue noted on the above page 
regarding the annoyingly loud system beep. Don't try this at home late at 
night if anyone is sleeping nearby - they may well be woken up by the system 
beep on this laptop. The author of the above page (dwhedon, I assume??) said 
he had done something to /drivers/char/vt.c to solve this; I assume you 
edited something in that particular file in the kernel sources to kill the 
beep - what did you do?? It is a large file, and it would be useful to know 
how to kill that noise.

I also can't seem to get a USB mouse working on this machine; I plug it in, 
briefly identified as "unknown device", then it disappears from the USB 
device list. Can't identify the problem any more specifically than this at 
the moment, unfortunately. Everything USB set up as module, hotplug 
installed, should work. 

Running woody w. kernel 2.4.19 (soon to be 2.4.19jp, if everything goes well).

If anyone else has anything to contribute to getting this laptop to work 
better under Debian, comments much appreciated.


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