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Re: which laptop with these features?

"Paul Ehrenreich" <madmanx@interniq.org> wrote:
] Also were you looking at the mobile Radeon for the 8200? didnt they give you
] an option for a M4 by chance?
] ITs been awhile since i looked at Dell's site and see what they have for the
] 8200 line

The 8200 comes with nVidia cards or the Mobility Radeon 9000 only.  And if
you want the ATI, you have to also shell out for a 2 GHz P4, 512 MB RAM,
and 40 GB disk.  I prefer to buy the least amount of hardware from Dell,
and upgrade with the cheaper add-ons from newegg.com or equivalent.

I'd happily buy an 8200 with an older ATI video card if they offered it,
but they dont.


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