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RE: Debian & sound

> I guess this is an ISA card?  (minor confusion).  At any rate, I
> once had a
> non-pnp card that gave me a lot of problems, although it wasn't
> in a laptop.

Yes, ISA "card" it is.

> As it so happened, someone had just ported sndconfig to Debian's
> then testing  version of Woody!  I installed it, ran it, and had
> it going in about 30
> seconds.  You may want to give it a go and see if it is able to
> detect your sound chip.  Also, there may be other advice forthcoming from
> list, so do stay tuned :)
> apt-get install sndconfig (as root)

I tried sndconfig but it came out of nothing. One thing that might be a
problem is that card control port is at IO address 0x100 (or 0x120, 0x140
and 0x160 are alternatives). Most cards are at address 0x270. Don't know for
sure is this matter of PnP stuff or what...

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