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Re: Sony VAIO FX401 versus FX701

This one time, at band camp, Ionel Mugurel Ciobica said:
> Dear all,
> My Sony Vaio FX401 laptop was stolen. I was insured so I can buy an
> other one. The closest to it I can find is Sony Vaio FX701. Does someone
> have this model? I don't understand about the modem (56K V90 modem) if
> it is the same like to one I had in the FX401? That one was a Conexant
> modem.

Don't know about this one.

> P.S. I had password in Bios, password in lilo, etc. Can those people
> still use my laptop? To boot with a floppy or a CD they needed to reset
> the bios.

They can always pull the hard drive to look at it's contents.  Failing
that, there is usually a jumper on the motherboard to reset it to it's
factory defaults, and that would clear the BIOS password.  Sorry to be
the bearer of bad news.


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