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Re: debian installation disks hang with Thinkpad

> I have a t23 thinkpad from iBM. When I try using the x86 vanilla flavor
> in the woody installation 9rescue and boot) floppies, my laptop appears to
> after the kernel loads. Since I am blind, I can't tell you where it hangs
> what the screen says--just that the floppy drive makes all the appropriate
> sounds when loading the rescue disk but nothing happens when I put in the
> disk. The floppies aren't defective; they work fine on my desktop
computer. I do
> have an installed linux system on the Thinkpad, and I can load my vanilla
> by floppy and it works just fine.
> Do I need other parameters for the rescue disk or do I need to use another
> flavor or later version of installation floppy? Woody's default kernel is
> 2.2.20.
> Thanks.

Try another flavour. I've had problems with bf2.4 flavour as well.
And if you can install from HDD from dos/win9x - it's even better to try.

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