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Rebuilding pcmcia-cs


I'm new to Debian, and this may be a trivial question, but I've been
bashing my head into this for a while now and don't know how to proceed.

I'm trying to install a SMC 2632W wireless LAN card on a Dell Inspiron 
3500 with Debian 3.0. This card is supported through the orinoco_cs
module of pcmcia-cs, and worked basically out of the box with the
2.4.18 kernel and the binary pcmcia-cs package that came with the

However, I had to recompile my kernel, and I can't get it to work
again. I've installed kernel-source-2.4.18 and pcmcia-source, unpacked
the pcmcia-source tarball, and done the following:

  make-kpkg -rev Custom.1 kernel_image
  make-kpkg -rev Custom.1 modules_image

Then I've installed the two resulting deb packages with dpkg. After
rebooting, I generally get the following error message whenever I
insert the WLAN card:

  orinoco_cs: Card Services release does not match!

In an earlier build of the kernel, I traced this back to the fact that
kernel configuration, which caused the pcmcia-cs config script not to
rebuild the modules in its wireless directory. By checking these two
options and running "make-kpkg modules_image" again, I got the card to

But now I've rebuilt the kernel once more, and although I've also
rebuilt the pcmcia-cs package, the card is now generally rejected with
the above error message. As far as I'm aware, I haven't made any
changes to the kernel configuration except some sound card related
things. The modules in /lib/modules/2.4.18/pcmcia are all up to date,
and in my desperation I've even recompiled cardmgr et al. from the
pcmcia sources -- but nothing helps. I'm stuck.

Can anyone give me advice on what I'm doing wrong?

(And in case anyone knows how to get the Inspiron's soundcard to work,
any advice on this would be appreciated greatly as well. All the
documentation I can find on this is for old versions of OSS and
ALSA. This is the reason why I'm having to recompile the kernel all
the time.)


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