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Re: About the laptops ...

Alexei Khlebnikov, 2002-Aug-21 16:04 +0300:
> > I have a question :
> > Is is better to let the laptop always ON (as i use it about 15/20 hours a
> day ) or to switch it off ?
> Keep it always on. Off/on operation is much more harmful than several hours
> of work.

I agree.  When I'm not going somewhere with my Dell Latitude CPxJ, I
leave it on.  I use noflushd to miminize wear on the HDD and apm (no
acpi) does a good job for me.  I'll leave it running for an entire
week sometimes.  When I do need to go somewhere, I suspend (to
memory).  I've gone 3 months between reboots with over 30 days of
uptime doing it this way.  No way could I do this with Windows!


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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