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Re: Howto get reasonable resolution and colors to HP omnibook 510

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 06:05:19PM +0300, Jarkko <jarkko.korhonen@kotiportti.fi> wrote:
> Has any one ideas howto get 1024x768 resolution with 16-bit colors in HP 
> omnibook 510? I know that there is some problems with i830MG graphic 
> chip and dynamic video memory.

I've an XE3-GF, but it might work for you too.

I've installed the XFree86 4.2-pre debian packages, and since that I have
1024x768x24 with i830MG. I don't have my laptop here, so if you don't find
the X 4.2 packages drop me an email and tomorrow I'll send you the line for
sources.list for APT.


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