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Re: Newbie Questions

I've deleted the bits that I don't have answers for...

On Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 10:10:50PM -0400, Designer wrote:
> Hello Debian Laptop List,
> I'm going to purchase a new portable, but, I'm having trouble getting
> specific hardware information. By trade I'm an embedded systems
> programmer. Here goes:
> 1. Is there documentation with information that I can read and not
> bother the list with these basic(stupid) questions?
 maybe in some places, maybe not in others-- google searches on things

 debian AND laptop AND <modelno> AND rs232

 works well for me, ymmv

> 2. Does anyone know of a portable with (2) or more serial ports.
> I use a variety of serial(RS232C) data analyzers, both under unix and
> W2K, to sniff/hack/program a wide variety of hardware. Maybe I need a
> pcmcia card with multiple serial ports.... Any suggestions? Any existing
> (software) drivers for Debian/unix? sourcecode would be nice. Any
> pointers to RS485, RS422, I2C, CAN, modbusTCP, devicenet, CompactFlash
> or any other types of industrial (SCADA) communications
> devices/protocols that are supported under debian would also be
> appreciated. Any cable testers that work under Debian, would also be
> cool.
 I've never seen a dual-serial laptop, but... 

 pcmcia-cs.sourceforgel.net should have lots of info on the CF stuff,
 among other things. Have a look in the kernel code, and google-search
 the debian-laptop archives for, say, CompactFlash, to find the modules
 you need...

> 3. Purchasing a portable with resolution greater than SVGA, can be
> problematic when you try to get information from vendors. Any
> suggestions?  Dell?  Better prices, as Dell seems to be a bit pricey for
> what you get. Has anyone setup Debian on a Phillips portable? Other
> price sensitive suggestions?
 http://linux-laptop.net has a list of models and their linux
 compatibility. Dells are, actually, pretty good, but there are problems
 with them. I've had *really* good luck with IBM laptops, but they're
 definitely not the cheapest...

> 4. CD-RW and DVD-RW. I really want a DVD-RW. Any suggestions on which
> DVD-RW to purchase? Internal or External/USB 2.0/pcmcia based? Ideas?
 Again, linux-laptops.net and google are your friends here. Particularly
 on the usb 2.0 stuff...

> 5. I have to run programs written for W2K, such as AutoCad 2K,
> Microstation,  and PLC programming IDEs. Any advice on trying these
> under X11 with  a Windows_Emulator, or have those packages
> matured sufficiently for stable use? Is there a list of which Windows2K
> packages work under emulation, anywhere? I'd really like to ditch W2K
> completely......

vmware is likely your friend, although I hear that some things don't
work under vmware very well. Get a lot of ram.
> 6. CDPD, Cellular Digital Packet Data,  has anyone gotten a CDPD modem
> to work with Debian on a portable or wearable rig? Any sniffing/etc
> tools for CDPD or pointers to work in progress are most welcome! Any
> service providers for CDPD in USA? Florida?
> 7. 802.11??? support for Wireless ethernet under Debian.

pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net. There's  some support in the 2.4 kernels as
 searching these list archives will give you gold in most of these

Glen S Mehn
Contract Systems Administrator		SquareTrade, Inc
glen@squaretrade.com	Building Trust in Transactions (sm)

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