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Re: installing Woody on an older laptop

> I am dying to give Linux a go, so I am trying to install Woody on my 166MHz, 16MB RAM, 2GB HD laptop. And as I stink at learning prompt commands, I need some kind of graphical user interface.... Otherwise I will stick with WIN 98SE which runs just fine on it. My laptop is off, off, off brand (Leo Design note 5500???), so I know very little about the components in it. It seems you need to know specific details to get the proper X configuration. I tried loading Debian potato (I did it via the PCMCIA network card.. very nice!), but I am way over my head trying to configure it to get anything but a command prompt. I typed startX and got nothing but errors. I was hoping Woody might be more newbie friendly with a more automated install.... I don't want things tweaked to perfection... I just want to run Linux with a GUI on my limited hardware laptop. The documentation for Debian is ok, but seems to take a lot for granted such as the user being proficiant with Linux and Linux comman!
> ds already.Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!! 

Have you tried to configure your X with the xf86config? At the root
prompt just type that and follow the configuration steps.
Otherwise just have a look to the configuration file to see what is
there (/etc/X11/XF86Config-4).

What is the first error you get, anyway? 


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