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Re: flame

* Tollef Fog Heen 

| * Thatcher Ulrich 
| | Also, I can successfully log in to my online banking account.  Opera
| | wasn't able to, and Konqueror doesn't even load the login page (yes,
| | definitely my bank's fault, but I've given up on that crusade).
| We at Opera Software are very interested in those cases where banks
| don't work properly with Opera.  Please send the relevant information
| to onlinebank@opera.com and we'll work with the bank to fix it.

.. where relevant information is:

- name of site 
- URL 
- contact address to the site (if any)
- description of the problem 
- which version of Opera is used 
- which Operating System is used 
- what you are identifying as (F12)

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